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Yu-Kan-Do™ Aerobics
with Marshall and Denise Brown

  Great for the Beginner, only $9.95

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  Marshall Brown developed the Basic 5 Aerobics Program in 1993. This program utilizes a combination of five basic moves  that are simple and sure to give you great results.  The first move is simply walking in place.  Next, you will step side to side.  Then you will go on to small kicks and knee lifts.  The hardest move is stepping back.  Simply place both your feet together and then step one foot back, stretching those calf muscles.  Bring the foot you placed back beside the other foot and repeat the process.  Some squats and lunges are added to the end of the 20 minute aerobic workout for strength and endurance.  The weights and the floor exercises are specifically designed to tone and firm those problem areas.  This video requires very little space to execute each move and is easy and fun to do. 

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Yu-Kan-Do™ Kickboxing 
                       with Marshall and Denise Brown                        

Challenging!     Hi-Impact!    Tough!     Advanced!     Total!
For Only $9.95

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Not for the beginner!!  This Kickboxing video uses actual Karate moves to build strength and endurance. Karate hand  techniques combined with light weights are used to achieve maximum strength and muscle tone.  The floor exercises are strictly to strengthen the stomach and abdominal muscles.  This will be the best 50 minute workout of your life!  Techno music will energize your body and mind.

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Yu-Kan-Do Strength Training Plan


Before starting any exercise program you may need to consult a doctor.  
Warm up before you get started.  Do each of these exercises ten times to begin.  Then increase to twenty, etc.
Exercise Regime includes:

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Squats (Feet wide, raising arms in front for balance).

  • simulate jump roping (feet close together, arms moving as if jump roping).

  • Abdominal Stretches ( Reaching  across your body while turning your hips.)

  • Lunges (reaching out with arms for balance).

  • Toe Touches ( Standing)

  • Knee lifts (touching hands out front)

  • Standing pushups (using a counter)

  • Leg swings (To the side) using a counter.

  • Sitting on floor ( bringing knees in to chest ) kick outs.

The next set of exercises are to be done with light weights ( 3 to 5 lbs.)

  • Dumbbell Curl

  • Butterfly

  • Triceps Swings

  • Chest Extensions

  • Overhead Press

After the workout, stretch!!!  Stretching is most important.  Stretch hard at least three times per week.

Begin with Ten can be done every day without becoming too sore or feeling pain.  You should do this routine at least four times per week to see improvement.

Twenty is Plenty is the next step to improving.  If you can easily workout to the ten count, then you are ready to step it up.  This routine should be done also about four times per week.

The Dirty Thirty is just what you think.  There is no secret to working out.  The word work gives it away.  It takes hard work to lose weight and tone a body.  You are ready for thirty when you can easily do the twenty count with no problem.  If you have trouble doing the entire thirty count, then try doing three sets of ten.  In other words do the "Begin with Ten" three times. 

On the days you do not exercise, you should walk or do some other aerobic activity for at least 20 minutes to keep your heart healthy.

Yu-Kan-Do The Next Level!

You need a set of light hand weights and a Timer. Set your timer at 9 minutes.

  • Walking in place (30 sec.)

  • Jogging in place (30 sec.)

  • Walking in place (30 sec.)

  • Assimilate Jump Rope (30 sec)

  • Walking in place (30 sec.)

  • Jumping Jacks (30 sec.)

  • Walking in place (30 sec.)

  • Shadow Boxing (30 sec.)

  • Walking in place (30 sec.)

  • Kick box or shadow box (30 sec.)

  • Walking in place (30 sec.)

  • Weights:

  • Curls (30 sec.)

  • Butterflies (30 sec.)

  • Triceps swings (30 sec.)

  • Chest Extensions (30 sec.)

  • Alt. Overhead press (30 sec.)

  • Add some sit ups to your workout for great results.

Take that last minute to rest between sets.  Repeat the set as many times as you see fit for a great workout. It has been great for me and my wife. I'm sure that it will help you also. Don't forget to stretch after every workout. If any questions just e-mail me.




For more information, please contact Marshall Brown


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