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There is no big secret to fat loss.  
It takes Motivation, Determination and Consistency.

Getting started is the first hurdle.  How do you get started?  I cannot tell you what it will take to get you started but I can tell you how I got started.  My friends and family finally shamed me in to getting started.  I am still working on my goal weight of 180 lbs.  There are three keys to losing fat:  motivation, determination and consistency.

After you are motivated, begin a food journal.  Write down everything that goes in your mouth and do not lie.  This journal will be your prime source of information for fat loss.  After a week, start to write down your calorie count.  Click here to check how many calories can be consumed to lose fat.  Click here to find out how much fat you should lose to not be overly fat or obese.  Calories are listed on everything you buy at the grocery store.  I would stop eating out if you really want to be serious about losing fat.  After another couple of weeks, you should add total fat grams to your calorie count.  To lose fat, you cannot consume more than 30 grams of total fat in a days time.  Believe me, this is the hard part.  To actually lose fat, I had to reduce my fat grams to 20 grams or less a day.  

Now, if you are really determined to lose fat, you are going to have to EXERCISE!!!  There is no way around it.  You may lose a little fat without it but you will not maintain muscle and your skin will sag and you will look sick.  Exercise builds the needed muscles to lose fat and look great.  Exercise is the only way to boost your metabolism so that your actual FAT goes away.  At first, you may look like you are gaining weight because muscle weighs more than FAT but muscle is working for you, FAT is not.  I began my exercise program by working out to myself on my Yu-Kan-Do™ Basic 5 Aerobics DVD.  To start, I could only do it about 2 or 3 times a week because my body would ache but after a month, I added the Yu-Kan-do exercises (see the Free Workouts Plans) and I began to exercise just about every day which improved my fat loss.  Again, after I needed another exercise boost, I added the Yu-Kan-Do Kickboxing DVD to the program.  In the winter, the weather is bad and walking or exercising outside puts a real bind on your activities but working out in your house is really easy.  Very little space is required and the weather is always controlled.

Consistency is the last key to the lock of fat loss.  If you can get past the first month, it will get easier because it becomes a part of your life.  Be consistent with your food journal and exercise and you are on your way to changing your life.  You can beat type 2 Diabetes, I did.  The aches, pains and joint swelling will go away with weight loss, it did for me.  Eating better gives you control of your health.  Everybody is looking for control.  Take control of yourself.

Start eating better.  Cut your breads and sugars way down or completely out.  Try not to snack between meal. If you must,  eat a piece of fruit or raw vegetables.  Drink plenty of water.

Eat white meat, fish,  veggies, and fat free as much as possible.  Cut down on the red meat to about once a week if at all.  Try to bake, steam or broil instead of frying.

Try to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day.  This program is set up to help anyone get started back to an active way of life.